BHU Staff Nurse Result 2019

Post Code Recruitment Name Sectors/Units Exam Date Result Link Group-A Candidate 10121 Finance Officer (On Deputation Basis) Administrative Sector 10115 Vice Principal Central Hindu Boys School 10118 Vice Principal Central Hindu Girls School 20142 Principal Shri Ranveer Sanskrit School 10120 Vice Principal ***4475 Tutor/Clinical Instructor College of Nursing, IMS 20175 Dy. Medical Superintendent Trauma Centre, IMS 30222 Medical Officer 20176 Dy. Medical Superintendent (Mm) Sir Sunderlal Hospital 30223 Medical Officer (MM) 30221 Medical Officer (MM)

Rajiv Gandhi South Campus, Barkachha, Mirzapur

30226 Programmer Computer Centre 3211 Maintenance Engineer Department of Physics, Institute of Science Group-B Candidate 10117 Assistant Teacher in (PGT) in Hindi Central Hindu Boys’ School 4494

Assistant Teacher (TGT) in English


Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Mathematics

20129 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Urdu 20177 Assistant Teacher in (TGT) in Sanskrit 20151 Assistant Teacher in (TGT)-Music (Instrumental) 20179 Assistant Teacher in (TGT) in History 4496 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Hindi Central Hindu Girls’ School 4497 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Home Science 20180 Assistant Teacher in (TGT) in Sanskrit 20182 Assistant Teacher in (TGT) in Physics 20183 Assistant Teacher in (TGT) in Math 30219 Assistant Teacher in (PRT) 4498 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Vyakaran Ranveer Sanskrit Vidyalaya 4499 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Jyotish 4500 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Sahitya 4501 Assistant Teacher (TGT) in Veda 30220 Assistant Teacher in (PRT) 3207 Assistant Engineer (Electrical) University Works Department 3112 Assistant Engineer (Civil) 4379 Jr. Engineer (Civil) 3209 Assistant Engineer (Electrical) Sir Sunder lal Hospital 4426 Physiotherapist 4440 Dental Instrument Mechanic **3208 Security Officer Chief Proctor’s Office 4502 Assistant Security Officer 4366 Junior Medical Social Worker Trauma Centrer 4367 Physiotherapist 4412 Orthotist 4442 Occupational Therapist Institute of Medical Sciences 4467 Refractionist Dept. of Ophthalmology, IMS 4507 STA (Instrument Operator) Institute of Science 4476 Horticulturist Horticulturist Unit 4477 Assistant Horticulturist 4504 Professional Assistant Library Sector Group-C Candidate *4384 Junior Clerk Administrative Sector 22.09.2019 4451 Staff Car Driver (Ordinary Grade) **4392 Security Inspector Chief Proctor’s Office 4393 Security Guard 4395 Publication Assistant (Puranic Section) Dept. of AIHC & Archaeology, Faculty of Arts 4385 Instrumentation Technician Dept. of Urology, Institute of Medical Sciences 4400 Senior Lab Assistant (Stores) Dept. of Otorhinolaryngology (ENT), IMS 4439 Orthoptist Deptt. Of Ophthalmology, IMS 4456 Laboratory Attendant Institute of Medical Sciences 4472 Health Inspector 4370 Technical Assistant Trauma Centre, Institute of Medical Sciences 4408 Radiographer 4409 Generator Operator 4410 Workshop Assistant (Medical Gas) 4438 Technical Assistant (OT cum Anaesthesia) 4446 OT Attendant 4462 Laboratory Attendant 4425 Workshop Attendant Electric & Water Supply Services (EWSS) 4319 Technical Assistant (Typography) Department of Applied Arts, Faculty of Visual Arts 4291 Laboratory Attendant Faculty of Visual Arts 4328 Sterilization Assistant Sir Sunderlal Hospital 4329 Lift Operator 4375 OPD Attendant 4390 Driver (Ambulance Services) 4445 Ward Sahayak/Sahayika 4448 Lab. Attendant (OT cum Anaesthesia) 4454 Laboratory Attendant 4443 Pujari Shri Vishwanath Temple 4444 Paramedical Staff Institute of Science, DBT Programme Support for Genetic Disordes (Scheme PSGD/3114), Dept. Of Zoology 4447 Gallery Attendant Faculty of Performing Arts 4450 Accompanist (Tabla) 4474 Accompanist (Sarangi) 4473 Accompanist (Pakhawaj 4452 Laboratory Attendant Mahila Mahavidyalaya 4466 Accompanist (Mridangam) 4453 Laboratory Attendant Institute of Agriculture Science 4455 Laboratory Attendant Institute of Science 4463 Workshop Attendant 4468 Gas Attendant 4436 Accompanist (Tabla) Central Hindu Girls School 4459 Laboratory Attendant 4457 Laboratory Attendant Central Hindu Boys School 4458 Laboratory Attendant Ranveer Sanskrit Vidyalaya 4460 Laboratory Attendant Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences 4461 Laboratory Attendant Computer Centre 4464 Workshop Attendant 4465 A.C. Operator 4470 Computer Operator Grade I 4471 Life Guard University Sports Board 4478 Horticulture Inspector Horticulturist Unit 4505 Semi Professional Assistant Library Sector 4506 Library Assistant 20184 Executive Engineer Group–A #Centenary Super Specialty Complex, S.S. Hospital 30224 Dy. Nursing Superintendent 30225 Nursing Superintendent 4479 Nursing Officer Group–B #Centenary Super Specialty Complex, S.S. Hospital 22.09.2019 4503 Nursing Officer (Female) 22.09.2019 4487 Assistant Engineer(Civil) 4493 Assistant Engineer ( Mech. Cum Bio Med.) 4480 Laboratory Attendant Group–C #Centenary Super Specialty Complex, S.S. Hospital 4481 Cath Lab Technician 4482 ICU Attendant 4483 Endoscopy Attendant 4484 Dialysis Technician 4485 Lab Attendant (OT cum Anesthesia) 4486 Perfusionist 4488 Junior Engineer (Civil) 4489 Electrician 4490 Workshop Attendant 4491 Junior Engineer (Mech. Cum Bio Med.) 4492 Junior Engineer (Electrical)

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